Keeping it real (aka maintaining a sense of humour, not losing your head)

Parenting can be tough. Especially parenting a toddler and a baby simultaneously. Ha! I say that because that’s where I am at right now. Ask me in a year. I’ll probably tell you that the HARDEST thing is parenting a one year old not-quite-able-to-communicate but knows what he wants one year old and a threenager.

‘You have to keep your sense of humour’ said my wise (and childless) sister in law. Just as we were trying to cross the road by Victoria coach station, which, as you’ll know if you’ve ever ventured to that particular area, is an area where nightmares are made. Particularly if you throw a toddler, baby and double bloody buggy into the mix. This advice was being uttered as the toddler has scalded himself on his babyccino and was sobbing whilst attempting to hurl himself out of said double bloody buggy and in front of the number 185 bus. Baby was crying because it was Tuesday.

I maintain, my sister in law’s words were completely spot on, if not a little unasked for at the time.

I’ve not had the best week. We (I) have decided that its about time toddler was out of the sleeping bag. Why? Because I’m worried about how it will impact his love life when he still insists on it at 21. There have been a few meltdowns. A few missed naps, a few ‘look mummy look!’ at 12.45am. I can’t look it’s dark, just tell me. Oh, your leg has come out of your duvet. Meanwhile the baby heads further away from his ‘sleeping through the night’ status (11-17 weeks, every night, then bam, it was all over). He’s enjoying the ‘Do I Don’t I Want Milk?’ game at any hour he fancies. Now he also wakes at 6. Again, my smugness that he wakes at 8 fades away. I am knackered. And a bit pissed off*

So in the midst of my bad week, Piano Man has a night out. That’s fine, he will be home in time for (me to cook) dinner, but not bathtime/bedtime. I can handle this. It is this night that the baby decides to attempt a full (hair and) body poo coverage. Leaving the imprint of Stick Man on the towel he was lying on. This was two days ago. I’m still chuckling about it now.

Yes, wise sister in law, you’re spot on, a good dose of laughter is just the tonic.


*I understand it is not ‘right’ to be pissed off that your children wake you up. For those people thinking ‘you shouldn’t have had them if you weren’t prepared to tolerate the disturbed nights’, ‘hmph’ I say to you. Obviously I’m not really pissed off with my children and I do delight in seeing them at every opportunity, day or night (!). I’m just really tired, and I get angry when I’m tired. Nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Keeping it real (aka maintaining a sense of humour, not losing your head)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh Anna, thanks a lot for sharing your feelings, so many of us only just dare thinking such thoughts!! You have my full support. Luckily it all becomes easier as time goes by – if you’re prepared for memorable fights with witty teenagers who know erverything better than you do 😄!


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