what’s on TV?

What’s going on with the TV these days? Besides Broadchurch there just nothing worth watching.

Yes, I am quite picky about my programmes. When I only have an hour of sit-down time after kids’ bedtime, my dinnertime and going to bed myself, it needs to be a high-quality hour, whatever it is I’m doing*.

It’s becoming an increasingly rare occurrence that Piano Man and I sit down together to watch something really enjoyable. This might have something to do with the fact we can’t agree on what to watch. I have little interest in lasers and hot (female) totty. He doesn’t get excited by BBC dramas and Benedict Cumberbatch. But I wonder whether the bigger issue here is the dearth of decent telly.


My TV.  Off because there’s nothing on

I do recall TV-watching being the highlight of my day when I was growing up. I could always find something good to watch. At the risk of showing my age (although, let’s face it, I show my age whenever I show my face), I would while away many an hour watching The Darling Buds of May, Morse, Keeping up Appearances, May to December. I could go on.

My evenings were full of BBC (sometimes ITV) series. Hardly any reality TV, not loads from across the Atlantic either. I would just lose myself in the escapism that happy, slightly cheesy British family dramas/sitcoms provided. Where have they all gone?

Sitting down last night, I flicked through the channels. Masterchef – I can just about manage it, as long as there are some interesting characters to keep the amusement factor strong. But the voiceover lady can really grate. Then I stumbled across ‘Three Wives, One Husband and ‘Rich House, Poor House’. I mean, wtf? Is this what we’ve been reduced to? Where are Crimewatch? Watchdog or Tomorrow’s World? Or any of the other decent stuff about important things.

I went to bed in disgust (and faffed on instagram for ages).

It must be me, right? Maybe I need to adopt a slightly more conscientious approach and sit down with the Radio Times and a highlighter pen. Maybe stop mourning TV of yesteryear and start enjoying what’s on offer now.

But when you’re just not feeling it, what can you do? I guess switching the box off could have its merits; I could read any of the books in the ‘waiting to be read’ pile; tackle my disproportionately long ‘to-do’ list’ or (gasp) sit and chat to my husband. And, well, there’s always instagram.


*for instance high-quality instagram faffing

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