Stokke Tripp Trapp



In a quest to get the toddler to sit nicely and eat his dinner, I went shopping. I know, I know, but humour me.

£150 and three days later and my (sorry, Max’s) Stokke Tripp Trapp arrived. I decided that the brief period in which both children were asleep was the ideal time to put it together.

Stokke in box

Even the box was funky

Genius! In 15 minutes, everything was screwed into place and I was chomping at the bit for Max to wake up so that I could sit him in it to decide where to position the seat and footrest. It was magically easy to assemble and looks great. I opted for lava orange. It completely clashes with everything in my kitchen, but the plan is to design the kitchen in the new house around the Stokke!

Stokke pieces

Not too fiddly

Max loves it, it means he’s at exactly the right height at the table and can rest his feet comfortably. I’ve just bought one for Sam too, which means no more high chair legs to trip over in the kitchen.  I am confident they will both use them for a good few years to come.

Has it encouraged my eldest to sit at the table and gobble down his meals? Don’t be absurd!


Bedrooms for the boys – part 2

I talked about Sam’s bedroom in this post, now it’s Max’s room’s turn.

I feel bad for Max with the straw he has drawn bedroom-wise. Totally a first world problem. There are children who live in mud huts with no bedrooms and those who have one bed between four. But in true middle-class parenting style, I’m irked by the fact that he’s got our ‘storage wardrobes’ in his room.

Like many Londoners (and lots who live elsewhere), space is tight and we have many of our worldly goods, including my wedding dress (which I think stopped fitting me 13 minutes after I got married) and my handbag collection in a massive built in wardrobe in (what was) the spare room. Two children later and the ‘spare room’ is now a home to a cute rocket duvet cover and an assortment of toy vehicles.

Following advice from a friend who said to change Max’s bedroom no less than three months before his brother was to be born, we moved him about 2 weeks before my planned C section day. He was absolutely fine with it. There was too much excitement over the tractor rug to even contemplate losing his old room (the only bedroom he’d known, sob).

Tractor rug

I haven’t done a great deal in here as we’ve known we were going to move since before we switched the bedrooms around. I bought some new curtains as the old ones were useless at keeping light out, these blue ones are from Dunelm and do a great blackout job (crucial).

The tractor rug and the storage boxes were from Next and (I think) give the room a bit of colour consistency. It was a revelation to be that you didn’t need to buy actual Kallax storage boxes to go in the Kallax – who knew?

Max books

As I mentioned in my post about Sam’s room, the Mamas and Papas furniture matches in case the boys ever fancy sharing a room. I’m hoping (as my kids are on the wee side) that the toddler beds will last them for quite some time (12 years if they take after me in the height stakes).

In a bold move, we decided that last weekend was both potty training weekend and take-the-sides-off-the-cot weekend. It’s gone well (if you don’t count requesting his cot back at 2.30 on night one).

Max bed

I love the little (Ikea) table and chair, mainly because I love the idea of Max sitting doing puzzles on it. In reality it is never used and really should be relocated to the playroom. But we don’t have a playroom and we have no space downstairs where the crayons are so here it is.

Max table

So, there you have it. Another corner of my house. And one which ‘ll look back on with fondness as I remember playing on the tractor rug (and spending hours tracking down all the bloody little wooden people from the bus who have to ability to scatter unbelievably far).

Bedrooms for the Boys – part 1

We’re due to move house this summer (more on the Big Refurb to come) but I wanted to take some pics of the boys bedrooms before we go. As a rule, I’m not overly sentimental about things, but these were their first rooms. The one in this post (now Sam’s) was Max’s from 10 weeks (when we kicked him out of our room) until shortly before Sam was born. I proudly painted it mint green before he came along – I remember so well stubbornly climbing up ladders at 24 weeks pregnant. Only to decide when he was about 3 months old that I hated the green. Ah well.

It’s now Sam’s room as it makes sense to have a non-sleeping baby next to our room and Max has a ‘big boy’ room which is more suitable for housing a large quantity of the plastic crap he has collected over his (nearly) 3 years with us.

In keeping with the rest of the house (and because I’m really unimaginative) the walls are painted Dulux ‘natural calico’. In defense of unimaginative, I like it; it’s fresh, goes with everything and I think, nice and calm for a bedroom (and living room, bathroom and hallway, it turns out).

The owl curtains are from 247 blinds. I have never ordered hand made curtains online before but I was really impressed. They are proper blackout, which is (IMHO) indispensible for a baby or child’s room and really, really nice quality. Bit tempted to take them with me to the new place.

After living with a mish mash of hand me downs and furniture collected from the street (!) we upgraded when Max was about 10 months old after having the loft done and some rejigging of this bedroom. It’s all from Mamas and Papas and matches what is in Max’s (now) bedroom. My rationale here was less ‘I can’t be bothered to do more bedroom furniture research’ and more ‘maybe they’ll share a room one day’.

I’ve accessorised it all with a Mamas and Papas stripey rug and some Minene toy boxes, as well as the trusty Ikea Kallax for books, toys and other odds and sods.

The other old faithful is the Ikea Poang which has been a nursing chair for both (refluxy) boys – thankfully, the covers wash. Although, if you’ve tried this you’ll know that trying to get the covers back on is a blood-pressure raising exercise which must immediately be followed by a large g&t!

I love this room. I love sitting in the chair and feeling really chilled and relaxed nursing a sleepy baby. I’ve got some great ideas for the next house but this room will always be special because of the memories made there. I’ll stop the sentimentality now!